Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Christmas? but its only March...........

Hi everyone,
This week I finished up my Christmas exchange piece for The Common Stitch Group in Camberley UK and the piece for our Thursday night guild group. Wow, this is the first year I will not be stitching until midnight before the exchange time. Mary will be sooooo pleased but sadly I will be called an overachiever by some others (Sorry Anne I know). Lol...................... Well girls the challenge is up so set to it. Here are the pieces.
Santa- UK exchange, Lizzie Kate, Merry Friends Santa 03
Scissor fob- Aust exchange, The Sweetheart Tree,
The stitchers favorite fob
The Sweetheart Tree designs are great but they always have lots of part stitches so they look really delicate but do take time to stitch. I have tracked down a companion piece to this one so I can stitch another set. This design is double sided and so as not to miss the other side I stitched them separately. The Sweetheart fob was stitched on 32count Antique Linen over 2 threads and the Lizzie Kate on 32count Natural linen over 1 thread. 
My next installment of Santas Village arrived so I have 2 more waiting to be completed, North Pole Post office and Mrs Claus's cookie shop. Looking forward to these they are sooo sweet.

I dragged out my canvas piece for the exhibition to work on this week. It took a while to get back into the swing of canvas stitching and to work out where I was in the pattern. Here is where the piece is currently.
Threedles, Looking Glass
18count yellow (Buttercream) canvas
I had a try at fixing the colour image to a more realistic yellow but this the best an amateur photographer like me could manage. The canvas is a very bright yellow with orange,gold,copper,purple,brick red and turquoise threads. Very bright indeed. Kurdy the designer has just released 2 more new designs. Click here to see more of her beautiful works of art. Be prepared if you love canvas designs this may be dangerous to the budget.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Adorable ornaments!
    And your process is so lovely and interesting!


    1. Thank you Tatyana. PS. I love your dragon. Sorry it took so long to find your blog. Happy stitching.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I enjoyed every stitch. Bye for now.