Monday, 15 October 2012

Jobs and chores done so back to stitching

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since the last post. There has been lots of behind the scenes stitching. A border on a new chart project,one christmas ornament for family, one ornament for a friend and 3 small biscornu's (not in photo) for sale at our EG's Christmas Extravaganza fundraising sale in November.

House Ornament and Christmas Egg,from Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazines,
New Chart Design with overdyed thread

Whew, now I know why my house chores didn't get done sooner. When I posted last time I mentioned I would show you the other class piece Anne and I took in Philadelphia. After looking at it many times and arguing with myself I have finally decided to change to colours to the original. Here is what I stitched in class using the alternative colours of red/green/gold. The more I looked the more the colours just didn't sing for me.

Sue Reed's Graphic Expressions - Class ANG 2012
The threads above are some of the original colours used, there are still a few more to come from my friendly needlework store so this piece will be unstitched and restitched using the lime green/blue/silver colourway when the backorder threads arrive. The piece is on 11 in stretcher bars so it is not a large piece like several others in the to-do basket. Yeah, how did that happen?

Talking about large projects, here is the latest on Atlantis Rising. There is a little progress on the diamond in the right hand corner. The large Sprats head stitch using Bijoux metallic thread is giving me a bit of grief in the counting department. It goes up to 100 so it needs peace and quiet to get it right. The effect of this stitch is really beautiful, well worth the effort. There is one more layer to go over the top to finish each of the sprats heads.

Ro Pace, Atlantis Rising, ANG 2012

We have been home nearly 4 weeks now and life is back to its routine. Shopping, cooking, cleaning and of course, stitching.

Bye for now, Carol.

Ps: Welcome to my new followers, we are now up to 50. Thank you so much for your support and ongoing friendship.


  1. The blues in Ro's piece are just up your alley. You will do the piece justice.

  2. Atlantis Rising is beautiful. I am eager to see more progress on it but I know how hard it can be to find enough peace and quiet to work on something complex!

  3. Thank you Beth and Jane. You are right I am really going through a 'blue colour' phase at the moment.

    Luckily the weather here is great at the moment so I have been able to stitch quietly in the garden sunshine. Lucky me.
    Bye for now, happy stitching to you both, Carol