Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Beware empty canvas below

Hi everyone,

I have had a request (for you Nicki) for a photo of my class pieces from seminar. First I must warn you there is a lot of blank canvas. In classes I tend to stitch in my head and not so much on the canvas. Does this happen to you to? I spent a whole lot of time listening and chatting about what to do that I forgot to do. Lol..................The added bonus is that I will probably take out a fair bit of what is there and restitch. The piece survived 2 weeks in a very crowded suitcase but it is a little worn in some areas. But wow, did I learn a lot in those few days.

Here is Ro Pace's class Atlantis Rising as of now.

As you can see not a lot achieved for 4 days stitching but we were having so much fun I am so not going to feel guilty. To all of my fellow classmates I put out a challenge to finish at least half of this by Christmas and I will try to do the same. It is such a lovely design and deserves to be a finished piece.

Below are some photos of my classmates setting up for the first day of class. See all the smiles, they were a great group.

Now you can see why there is not much on the canvas. I highly recommend attending a seminar if you can. You will have lots of fun, make new friends and learn lots.

More about my 2nd class later, but now I am off to stitch woo hoo!!!

Bye for now, Carol

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