Monday, 4 June 2012

Canvas or linen? Why not both

Hi everyone,
Do you have the same internal arguments with yourself about what you want to stitch. I find being torn between counted canvas and linen stitching quite exhausting sometimes. Well there is a solution.
Stitchers Web, Keslyns
28count hand dyed evenweave
Threads by Stef Francis
Thanks to Lynda Keske of Keslyn's here is a pattern using 'Hilton stitches' on 28 count hand coloured Lugana fabric. If you add a medium weight iron on interfacing to the back of the fabric and use a sharp needle to stitch the piece it helps the linen/evenweave stay unbuckled when removed from the hoop for framing etc. This design I stitched using a 6" bound embroidery hoop. The design size is 4.46" x 4.50" stitched with one strand of thread over one fabric thread. The whole piece only took 1 week to stitch and was great nighttime stitching. I enjoyed this one so much I have already started the next piece called Turquoise Gold by Keslyn's.

The weather in South Australia has turned really cold, nights are around 4degC and days about 12degC, so great weather for snuggling up in your stitching chair in a warm room with the cat/dog by your side for company,(without guilt).

My travel plans are still ongoing. The agent that was handling my file moved to another job so I have had to backtrack and work with another agent. So I hope to have some more news soon and a better idea of a timetable so I can pad it out more. The Australian dollar is taking a downward dip so I have decided to stop looking at the exchange rate as it adds more to the cost of everything we chose. Oh well, money is made to go around and if we worried too much about such things we would never do anything and miss out on so much. 

PS. I still haven't undone my third square of FMTM. Maybe tonight?

Bye for now, Happy stitching, Carol


  1. Hi Carol, Thank you so much for the wonderful Aussie goodies. They have arrived safely and I'm so excited to get started on the needle cases. The threads are beautiful and I happen to be needlepointing a project for my Mother that I will add the heart and cat charms. Stay warm while we are suffering with heat and high humidity.

    1. Hi Cindy, My pleasure, glad you liked the goodies.What a lovely idea to add the charms to your Mother's project. Bye for now, Carol.

  2. That looks beautiful! I really love Hilton Stitches!

  3. Thank you. Don't you just admire Jean Hilton's legacy to the world. She was such an inspiration. Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol