Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back to block 3 of FMTM cyberclass

Hi everyone,
Yep I finally bit the bullet and undid block number three. It knew it would take as long to undo as it did to stitch so I had been procrastinating for quite a while. Funny though once undone the restitching wasn't as painful as I expected and it hummed along quite nicely. Here is the completed block 3.
Block 3 From Molehill to Mountain, Pam Gardner
Cyberclass thru Scarlet Thread
And this is how it looks so far.
Progress So Far - the paper is hiding
the next block try-out
The next block is lots of eyelets and stars with the background colour green. I have been surprised how the light purple I chose turns to a pink when combined with the other colours, but I am not going to change it now, I will just keep this in mind for later projects and add it to my must remember list. 

Happy stitching from a cold and rainy Australian day, bye for now Carol

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