Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh how I have missed canvaswork

Hi everyone,

This week I finally picked up a canvaswork piece. This has been in the to-do basket for some time but because it required construction it languished at the bottom of the heap. It is a design published in "Stitch" magazine, the English Embroiderers' Guild publication and is designed by Sue Hawkins. Lots of Sue's designs are stitched in clear bright colours and just make you smile like a dose of sunshine. The finished cube is only 22mm square (less than 1 inch) so its a good size for hanging from your scissors or as a christmas ornament.
Brilliant Bookmark by Sue Hawkins
from Stitch Magazine
To construct the cube you use long arm cross stitch between the six little squares folding in the seam allowance. Sue has lots of pretty designs, take a peek at her website and please don't blame me if you just can't live without at least one of the cute pieces. 

My box of 100 small pieces has grown again so much so that it will have to be moved to a bigger container for storage until later in the year for the market day. I have managed to sell a few of them to friends and restitched them to complete the stock. This leaves me free time to stitch a few from my wishlist. So I am off to the stash cave (my spare room) to choose what takes my fancy.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol

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