Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Santa, samplers and bits and bobs

Hi everyone,
This week the stitching is a bit slow. My right hand has been telling me I have been stitching too much lately and to slow down, so I have listened.
After spending some time in the "wharehouse" (aka my stash room) I came across an old class piece in a folder waiting to be constructed. The notes from the class had the date of January 2003, yikes where does the time go. Here is two pieces of the four piece stitching set.
Blackwork Hussif, Dark Green AVAS silk
on eucalpytus leaf hand-dyed linen
by Carol Mullan, 2003
There is a needlecase and a hussif to complete the set. These are partly completed but I am waiting for a new steam iron to arrive to press the pieces before I continue. More later.

Last post I was talking about adding a sampler into my stitching rotation and on the same journey to the wharehouse I found, Martha Salter 1651 waiting patiently to be completed.
Martha Salter 1651
She is almost 2/3rd complete with only one more band and the bottom alphabet for a finish.
Martha Salter 1651, Scarlet Letter
Only a few more hours days and she will be complete. Again my 2/3rd finish problem surfaces. It will be so nice to add one piece to the finished basket.

Santa's Village is growing, Poinsetta Place is done but the photo I took is too blurred to show you, so I will take another and post this one later.

Happy stitching, bye for now, Carol


  1. Oh Carol Martha is so beautiful she deserves to be finished. My Scarlet Letter Year challenge will be perfect for you.

    1. Thank you Nicola for your kind comment. I will enjoy stitching on her again. Congratulations on your birthday milestone, may you have many more wonderful stitching years ahead. Bye for now,Carol.
      PS I hope I have fixed my no-reply problem.