Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stitching in an Australian climate

Hi everyone,

I am in meltdown. Today's temperature is going to be 40deg Celsius and yesterday was 31deg Celsius, yuk......... The only good to come out of this is stitching in an airconditioned room with absolutely no guilt about household duties lapsing.

Firstly may I welcome my new followers and the lovely comments I have received. Special thank you to Genny who sent 2 lovely notes but as my Spanish is almost no existent I will have to find a friend to help me translate them. I am always amazed at how small the world is becoming and how easy it is to friend friends from all over our world.

Here is the latest on Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising, Ro Pace, ANG Class 2012
It now has a little more colour and shine added. There is a lot of metallic missing but I have decided to wait before adding the shine. Not sure what colour to use. My preference is for a purple/blue mix which I tried out in the right hand corner, but just not sure yet. The design has some purple highlights in a couple of the patterns yet to be stitched. Luckily I don't have to make this decision yet. Arrrr procrastination my middle name.

I am still waiting for the backorder threads to complete my other ANG class piece but I am hoping they will be here soon. Anne has almost finished Graphic Expressions in the red/green colourway and I have asked if she will allow me to post a photo of the finished piece. It will be good to see both of the colourways stitched.

Well I am off to finish a couple of teaching projects, another magazine article for Inspirations Magazine and an overdue promised new canvas chart. Guess my fingers will be very busy for a few more weeks.

Bye for now, Carol 


  1. Lovely! Great progress! Try Google Translate

  2. Atlantis is growing and looking fab. I love the colours.

  3. Your Atlantis Rising is looking good. I hope you are doing OK with the instructions. I find Ro's charts a challenge. I did her Double Up a few years ago. It hangs in my living room. Did you take Atlantis Rising at the ANG Seminar in Philly ?? I think I may have met you there and am delighted to discover your blog.
    Jan aka Stitchlady

    1. Jan,
      Yes I did take Ro's class in Philly.The chart is a good stitching workout but I am enjoying it greatly. I hope we did meet in Philly I tried to catch up with as many people as I could and attended all the functions and meetings. It was fantastic. Wish I could go again.
      I have a few photos earlier on the blog and a special one of Ro and me.
      Thank you for the kind comments.
      Bye for now Carol

  4. Hola Carol.
    Este bordado es impresionante!!
    Muy lindo.
    Rosana desde Granada - España.